This survey is carried out to assess the current state of environment and forecast its possible changes under the influence of anthropogenic factors. The purpose of the engineering and environmental investigations is to prevent, eliminate or minimize unwanted and harmful environmental changes, as well as the economic and social consequences associated with them.

In order to prevent or minimize the negative impact on the environment during construction, it is necessary to carry out properly a study of environmental components in the chosen location. Our experts shall undertake a study, which results will allow determining the current environmental situation in the area of the survey, as well as natural and anthropogenic factors which may have a negative impact on the study area. In order to prevent or reduce adverse effects on environment and to ensure the environmental safety of the territory, the environmental surveying is to be conducted.

In the course of engineering and environmental survey for construction, an analysis of all components of the environment, which will be exposed to anthropogenic impact, is made.

Engineering and environmental survey includes the following types of work:

  • Collection, processing and analyzing of published and archival, library materials and data regarding the state of environment;
  • Engineering and environmental surveying of the area;
  • Studying of chemical contamination of soil, surface and underground water, ambient air;
  • Laboratory chemical analyses of samples of soil and water;
  • Route observations with general description of the environment, sources and signs of pollution;
  • Excavation in order to determine conditions of pollutants spreading and geo-environmental testing;
  • Investigation and assessment of the radiation situation;
  • Investigation and assessment of physical impacts;
  • Ecological and hydrogeological studies;
  • Soil studies including assessment of soil contamination with oil products and heavy metal salts;
  • Biomedical, sanitation-and-epidemiological investigation of the study area;
  • Laboratory processing of materials and preparation of technical reports, forecasting of possible changes in environmental conditions during construction projects.