Engineering and geodetic survey, along with engineering and geological survey, is an integral part of construction, regardless of a size and significance of the construction facility, and is performed in the early stages of designing. Engineering and geodetic survey provides topographic and geodesic materials and data on the situation and topographical relief, existing buildings and structures (located at ground-level, underground and aboveground), and utility networks required for designing, construction and operation of facilities, as well as a comprehensive assessment of natural and man-made conditions of the construction site. Land surveying is a package of works to determine, re-establish and consolidate in situ the land plot boundaries, define its location and area size. As a result of land-surveying, the boundaries of your land plot will be established, they will be agreed with all the owners of the neighboring plots, and a package of documents necessary for submitting to the Land Cadastral Chamber will be prepared.

Engineering and geodetic survey includes the following types of work:

  • Development of geodetic control networks;
  • Topographical mapping at a scale of 1: 200 to 1: 5000 in a digital form, mapping of underground utilities and structures (performed for designing, construction, reconstruction of civil structures, for land surveying work in the course of boundary settlement);
  • Location survey in the course of construction, routing of pipelines and other utilities (establishment of location of the basic axes and boundaries of structures on the land plot selected for the construction);
  • Control as-built survey of construction facilities (in situ establishment of geometric shapes and sizes of a construction facility according to the project design, identification of possible deviations from the project design);
  • Geodetic surveying during installation of equipment, checking of verticality and planned-high-altitude position of crane tracks, columns, structures and their elements;
  • Geodetic monitoring of deformations of the bases of buildings and structures (monitoring of precipitation, distortions, tilts, deflections or bends of foundations of buildings), movements of soil surface and natural hazards;
  • Formation and development of the state leveling (altitude) network of I, II, IV classes;
  • Mapping of underground and aboveground facilities (utilities) at the scale of 1: 200 to 1: 5000 performed on land plots of a certain area.
  • Tracking of linear facilities
  • Measuring works;
  • Engineering and nautical survey;
  • Approving of the survey results with operating companies;
  • Geodetic, topographical and other special works in the course of engineering survey, construction and use of buildings and structures, land surveying, maintaining of cadastres, other surveys and special services.

Land surveying:

  • Marking of boundaries of land planning objects;
  • Preparation of documents for the State cadastral registration of a land plot;
  • Compiling, updating, preparation for publishing, copying, in the topographic base in the graphic (digital) and other forms, of cadastral maps and plans;
  • Topographic mapping of general purpose and updating at a scale of 1: 500 to 1: 5000;
  • Territorial land arrangement;
  • Formation of new and harmonization of existing objects of land management.

Office processing of digital data:

  • Development and execution of digital topographic and cadastral plans and maps on the basis of the customer’s field data, in accordance with requirements of the customer, GOST standards and other regulations in CAD and geographic informational systems (Autodesk, MapInfo, InGEO, Microstation, etc.);
  • Transformational operations, consolidation of maps and plans;
  • Conversion of digital data format with full retaining of execution and attributive information.